2022s Best Smart Home Tech

Posted by Debbie Foster // April 7, 2022

I’ve been reviewing smart home gadgets for PCMag, and my little Florida beach bungalow has transformed into a test bed for the latest home tech, growing smarter by the week. Now I walk into the bedroom and tell Google Assistant to turn on the lights. I ask Alexa to reorder protein powder and dog food and […]

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Expectations For The Spring Housing Market

Posted by Debbie Foster // March 24, 2022

As the spring housing market kicks off, you likely want to know what you can expect this season when it comes to buying or selling a house. While there are multiple factors causing some uncertainty, including the conflict overseas, rising inflation, and the first rate increase from the Federal Reserve in over three years — the housing market seems to be relatively immune. […]

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Avoid These Home Hazards

Posted by Debbie Foster // March 10, 2022

We all know it’s dangerous, but lead paint is especially bad for children and pets. Homes built before 1980 may contain this hazardous stuff. Test kits can confirm lead’s presence in your home, but hire a certified professional to remove it from your house. Good indoor air quality reduces the impact of allergies and asthma. One good […]

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Are 1st Time Home Buyers Being Priced Out Of The Market?

Posted by Debbie Foster // December 17, 2021

Anyone who’s seen desperate buyers sizing up one another in the lines for open houses that sometimes stretch for blocks—or, worse, anxiously stood in one of those queues themselves—knows that today’s housing market has become brutally competitive. Prices for homes for sale have risen to previously unthinkable heights due to a severe housing shortage. Even […]

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Is Your Router Secure From Cyber Attacks?

Posted by Debbie Foster // December 10, 2021

With ever increasing usage of your computer, securing your home and office wireless network is essential. The last thing you want is a stranger connecting to your wireless router and snooping through private data. It’s important to update your router—which acts as a firewall, protecting you from the many digital threats lurking online—so it’s performing […]

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Sellers Should Consider These Factors In Any Offer

Posted by Debbie Foster // November 18, 2021

You may be thinking money and location, which are important.  But here are a few things you may not initially consider but will want to when looking at an offer to purchase your home.  When it comes to picking an offer, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and recognize that your bottom line […]

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There Are Costs When Selling Your Home

Posted by Debbie Foster // November 11, 2021

With so much emphasis placed on home buyers and closing costs, most home sellers don’t think about the hidden costs of selling a home.  A survey by Zillow and the online marketplace Thumbtack found that the hidden costs of selling a home can run anywhere from $10,000 to $55,000. Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow Group chief marketing […]

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Winterizing Your Home On A Budget

Posted by Debbie Foster // November 4, 2021

Keep the cold out, the heat in, and your energy bill down with these cost-effective tips for winterizing your home. Clean Your Gutters – You’ve heard it before, but this can’t be stressed enough.  Especially in northern areas, making sure that water can flow freely through your gutters now will help prevent icicles and ice […]

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Getting Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

Posted by Debbie Foster // October 21, 2021

Nothing is quite as warm and cozy as a crackling fire in autumn.  However, there are some essential guidelines to have a safe season.  Poorly maintained fireplaces can cause house fires or other dangers, so it’s important to take precautions now, before the season really starts.  Below are some tips to follow to get your […]

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Fall Home Maintenance Must Do’s

Posted by Debbie Foster // October 14, 2021

Fix the Flow While fall foliage can be beautiful, it can also be a hindrance to your gutters. Leaves and other debris can quickly accumulate, preventing proper drainage, and possibly leading to even bigger headaches when winter finally arrives. Remove any visible buildup, then flush the gutter with a garden hose or bucket of water […]

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