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Debbie Foster has been a personal friend of mine for over seven years. We spent four of those years in a ladies Bible study. She is an intelligent person of high integrity. She is a trustworthy friend who highly considers what is in the best interest of others. She is extremely professional in the business world, but she is also very warm and friendly.

Marta Baker


I have worked with Debbie for over 5 years and she is an asset to our organization.  Her work, attention to detail, and especially her ability to evaluate and present business solutions is fantastic.  Debbie is a business professional and is always prepared, ahead of others in analysis, research, planning and development for all our business needs.  She has an innate ability to communicate needs for our organization clearly and consistently to all levels of employees, managers, executives, clients and partners.  Debbie’s high standards in performance and business deliverables is shown in her day to day performance.  If you want it done, done right, done on-time and done well, Debbie is your go-to person!

Debbie is a proven professional with high standards and exceptional business ethics.  I am proud to work with Debbie and know that she can be counted on to meet any demand coming her way.  She loves a good challenge and will prepare and study to meet the ever-changing needs of clients and management, and her expertise is always beneficial to those around her.

Tammy Carr, Chief Learning Officer

eLogic Learning, LLC


I have known Debbie Foster for about eight years. Debbie and I met at Grace Family Church where we cultivated a friendship immediately and continued to meet weekly for quite a few years along with 8 other women. Our personal friendship is steady and rich – we can discuss anything, knowing that we can always pick up right where we left off. We have a business relationship as well where we seek each other’s wisdom and council to discuss financial transactions, careers, project details and volunteering opportunities.
It’s hard to list only a few character traits when I think of Debbie, but a few words that come to mind are: loyal, dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, financially solid, and genuine with everyone she meets and has a relationship with.

Amy Huth, Resource Manager
Deliver Media